There has been so much controversy going on with the new #potus in office. It has shaken and rattled many in this country, even for myself. Never in my 34 years did I ever feel so passionate about the political standpoint that I have. So much has happened last year and the previous years… hell the last 40 years…wait let me not even start! Since Humans were even created…geeshhh!!!! I could go on and on about why this is the world we live in and why we just can’t seem to find peace here in our country …in our state…ON OUR PLANET! Ive always believed this and will continue to believe it..that no matter how much we fight…how much we cry and beg and ask for answers…the answer does not lay with man but lies within our CREATOR from above. We can only show our human efforts to try and make this the best place to live. This is why I now fight for what I believe in…I fight for Peace, whether in my mind or in my flesh. However, I believe in trying to make progress, make positive changes whether it cost more on my dime or not. I believe in fair and equal rights among all people..BUT HEY THATS JUST ME. So yes, there you have it….IM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER. I don’t hate the guy but I just don’t believe the man at all..I feel like I’m watching a huge REALITY SHOW …and we have all become spectators of his sick, selfish, yet boasting name dropping sitcom. It sickens me to the maximum core. So I lay in my bed wondering what the hell am I going to do about this WOMENS MARCH IN LA. Im asking myself what is it that I stand for and why??? well first …I marched because I am not only a woman but I’m a BLACK AND JAPANESE WOMAN. More than anything I know the frustrating things that go on internally which fuels the pain inside of me along with my fellow black americans. I hurt just as much and become just as angry as many of my peers. But what makes me feel stronger than ever is that I know I am not alone! I refuse to stay silent which is why I decided to attend my first black lives matter rally early last year after the #altonsterling and#philandocastile shooting. My heart never felt so much pain for someone I have never met…but felt as if it were my own father being shot, chocked or beat unjustly in front of me. Its something that is unexplainable more so  unfathomable. Many understand this same UNJUST  treatment …whether small or on a grand scale that we lose count of the many precious lives that are being taken. My point is that …we have to continue fighting for what is right ..what is just …what is strait human common sense for the love and safety of others!!! Without the fight for justice we won’t get anywhere….My march was to fight for justice in being a BLACK American and also my fight to protect my rights as a woman! If someone ever questions me about why I don’t support trump …your answer lies within him..the man who spews on bigotry, racism and sexism all at the same time …during press conferences, and lets not forget, his twitter account LOL. More than anything the questions and answers should reroute to you if you are the one that is asking them. Time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourselves these questions …Because Im not the one to tactfully give you the answer. =)

Ajarina LampkinComment