Sometimes things are aligned so perfectly that when you have to think about it you’re blown away on how the cosmic universe aligns you to 1. The perfect place 2.person or 3. thing. In this case for the event that I shot last Saturday…It was all three! I serendipitously ran into the most beautiful soul in Santa Monica, Mrs. Amanda Robson, founder of “Feast Hawaii” based out of Maui, Hawaii who brings her island creative direction, styling & planning for celebrations that are the most beautiful dream like food gatherings anyone could ever dream of. Meeting her was like finding that other little missing piece to my creative puzzle. Shooting for her event was the right amount of creative inspiration I needed in order to get me going and flowing. Still days later I find myself beaming from the high energy that everyone brought to the event. I felt as if they had all known each other for years not realizing they had just met that day. This is why I love these type of events, to be in a creative space to celebrate life itself. As the night started to wind down I was able to finally taste everything that I was capturing during the day! First, I made my way to the delectable salads and grilled protein made by Michelle of "four cafe" located in Eagle Rock. I savored every bite and will be making a visit to her restaurant..I already know what it is I'm going to order and please my friends make sure you do so as well!! Next, there was another amazing down to earth soul, filled with such high positive energy who is the founder of the popular blog and published book "kale and caramel" Lily Diamond. This radiant woman who shares all her wonderful recipes for body, heart and table which is a practical vegetarian cookbook inspired by her Jewish background. If you have time please check out her book! I did and I’m glad I was able to take a bite of her amazing no bake blueberry lavender cheesecake!!! NOM NOM!!! I must say I had to pair my desert with a nice poured over glass of fresh crisp Paper planes Rose with the aromas of peach and subtle hints of flower blossoms and grapefruit! I nearly had a jaw dropping moment. Do you see why Im still floating from this amazing night…?!?! A night filled with great people, food and pictures I can gasp over for a long period of time! This is why I love what I do…I get to capture and freeze moments where I feel most alive and sharing them with you not just for a second but for a lifetime!  Thank you for bringing me along your beautiful night ladies!!! it was such a pleasure and a joy capturing you all!



Aja Hitomi