As much as you were awaiting this day for singer/ songwriter Miguel and his beautiful fiancé Nazanin Mandi of nearly 13 years to finally get married …Well so were their fellow peers and I. For nearly almost 3 years we had been waiting, waiting and well waiting! The pair have been super busy working while Miguel set the release date of his spring 2018 album “ War & Leisure” and Naz filming for “E” reality television show “The Platinum life” along with recoding her own music and designing her swim line “chynnadolls x Nazanin Mandi.”. We all just simply and patiently waited for them to get to planning! The day that Nazanin texted me a picture of her ring while in the dominican republic, I just remember screaming in my bed overjoyed for her. She then followed the text with a picture asking if I would be her bridesmaid! I did not hesitate to accept, I was elated! Knowing the couple for 13 years now….I still remember the times when her and I would roll around the city eating our pinkberry talking about all the mansions we wanted and how she would one day be shopping on Rodeo Drive. Wow !!! I remember every other friday after midnight we would immediately drive to Sushi Dan which was then located on Sunset blvd and order so much food following it with fried green tea ice cream. Not only have I been Mrs. Pimentels friend for years, but she has been part of my developing journey as a photographer. She was my first real model, my first best friend when I had moved to Los Angeles!!! It was such an honor to be part of the bridal party for her and Miguels big day!! Check out a few photos of her sweet bridal shower we threw for her early October in West Hollywood Hills Penthouse.