Im always thinking to myself what it must feel like to be nominated for something amazing that you’ve done. Ive had my share of seeing a few of my dreams manifest but definitely not like my good friend whom Ive known for quite some time. Music artist Miguel, has shown and proved to many of his close peers that “dreams do come true” & Ive been lucky enough to be a part of him and his fiancés journey in their careers. Throughout the years I’ve been able to see them grow into what they have become and I am FASCINATED by it! I will definitely say that HARD WORK DOES EVENTUALLY PAY OFF and when it does you will be glad that you never stopped or had given up on what it is you have been focused on for so long. To be able to witness Miguel be so excited the morning of the Oscars prep was like feeling this electric energy pulsating through your own body… You just couldn’t believe that your friend was about to be performing his butt off in front of the world. Eating his eggs, bacon and half biten toast we then started chatting about my new puppy and move in with my boyfriend…we then just took a moment and gazed into silence how we couldnt believe he was actually here at this place in life… to be able to perform at the Oscars!! …It was low key bringing me to tears….but of course I just ..chuckled and said, “you made it buddy!!” He performed REMEMBER ME alongside with Gael Garcia Bernal, and Natalia LaFourcade for Disneys Pixar film “CoCo” and not only was it an amazing performance but CoCo won an Oscar for Best Animated feature and I couldn’t have been more happier for my friend!

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