80's born in Okinawa Japan. My parents moved us to Southern Ca when I was at the age of 6. Moving to Cali in "89" to the high desert I experienced what it feels like to be a small town girl to now being a city person living in Los Angeles. Life went on, and with a ten year music background my passion for singing and writing took a turn and I no longer wanted to pursue music. One day, I picked up my first Nikon DSLR and photography became the voice to all of my visual and emotional understandings. My victories are my stories held within my portraits.

"My victories are my stories held within my portraits"

I capture my own curiosity through art and materialize a timeless world through my visionary lens. I love being able to share with the world what each photo exudes to me. These are the things that set my soul on fire. We are all here on this earth to connect whether it is spiritually, cosmically or creatively.  My purpose in this life is to inspire & capture as many beautiful souls as possible. So lets create.