Any photoshoot with Yuna is a Fun shoot! Her high positive energy  leaves you feeling so relaxed and comfortable that the day cant go wrong and neither can the pictures! Every shoot is a success and every shoot is just us being ourselves. We really understand each others taste when it comes to creative quality. We bounce off each other with a natural flow which makes everything so unique and cohesive. We love classics, funky, vintage elegance yet modern sophistication. I feel like she is my brain sometimes because not only does she think of things so quickly shes executes the hell out of stuff!!! Her amazing husband Adam who is a cinematographer was able to capture her in her essence being know..."YUNA" and I was there to capture every look that she gave!



Bridal designer Stephanie White who is a California native gives those that are dreaming of their “big day” a glimpse into what it feels like to be a Bridal Goddesses in her imaginitive world of ethereal dreams. Odylyne the Ceremony gives a free-spirited approach to bridal, each of the dresses embody the deep emotion, sensibility and beauty of the life and art. “Each collection ties in the feelings of the traditional foundations of marriage to the exotic and unfamiliar, while harnessing the power of the imagination to envision and to escape. The ethereal element is ever present in each style with a twist of romance and deep appreciation of all the delicate moments of the ceremony” This day I was able to capture a few looks of the masterminds collection and joining forces with my dear friend cinematographer Jon Maxwell of “ Milldam films.” This video gives you a glimpse of the mystic world of bridal wonders.



When I got the call to do a shoot for Jewelry line HAATICHAI x AMARILO I immediately knew how I was going to go about it. I have watched these two designers grow from ground up and its been so amazing to see the transformations they have made in the last few years. From hand made jewels to Fine diamonds. Stella Simona of Haatichai “Inspired by a woman’s beauty and form, her designs incorporate hints of East meets West and pays homage to the past while constantly looking forward. Ali Heiss of Amarilo carries “the intention of redefining classic jewelry for the modern woman. The philosophy transcends into the design - unassumingly, simplistic jewelry that elevates a woman’s everyday style.” I teamed up with my good friend once again to capture our shoot but also to capture the energy level of how I get when Im near people that are as passionate and creative loving of their craft as much as I am. Its like an ultimate creative high….two different fields but the fire and passion is fuming! I loved this day but more importantly I loved being able to capture them in their true essence! This is what makes my job the most fun…..and thats just being able to do- what I LOVE ! xoxo

Cinematographer: Jon Maxwell Milldam films